News from Adelaide City Council


Peter Shea had a meeting today with City of Adelaide, St Peters and Adelaide High (AH) re the boat launching pontoons on the Torrens.  St Peters were relatively happy with their lot, though they expressed the desire for more space.

The Council mandate was much less than anticipated.  The Council has no money for new work investment: all they want to do is make safe existing.  However, they did not want to invest in anything if there was no benefit.

Their starting point was:
a) Remove rotten timbers on concrete platform pontoon up to Adelaide Bridge and only replace the minimum needed;
b) No work on metal grill pontoon which Council has recorded as ‘not used’  and anyway is in fair condition.

Both Torrens and AH confirmed their frequent use of the concrete platform, AH stressing it was in use for its entire length.  
Furthermore, both clubs confirmed that the metal grill pontoon was in regular use, and they strenuously requested the Council to change their classification from ‘not used’ to ‘in constant use’. Both Torrens and AH confirmed use throughout the week, am and pm.

Both Torrens and AH  recommended a wider platform at waters edge for this metal platform (safer; more accessible): AHS provided a sketch with their wish list being a) wider pontoon b) removal of 1 tree and c) diversion of bikeway around the area (unto Victoria Drive).  Council thought – maybe no chance for any of this.  However the discussion persisted with the outcome:

a) council would review records to find cost of Adelaide University pontoon and advise club parties at the meeting
b) club parties might discuss making co-contribution to design and construct a more effective pontoon at the metal grill (likely to benefit Torrens and AH mostly).  The co-contribution might be supported by the next round of a partnership grant (possible partners being AH, TRC, Council).
c) Unlikely Council would contribute towards cost of regrading any earthworks to allow safer boat carrying.