Member services

Member services

Book a rowing session


We’ve got a new system in use where you can book a boat for a session. To access the system, head over to

You need to be a registered user to make a booking. If you need help registering, head to

Here are the protocols for Members rowing under COVID-19 limitations


Coachs’ Corner

Masters’ Ergo Program – Updated for 2021
Vaughn Bollen has developed an ergo program specifically for the TRC masters (men and women). Here are the documents providing the ergo details and expected intensity levels. Click the following links to see the details.
Ergo program
Intensity levels reckoner


Volunteer to help with boat maintenance



Be a part of your boat club by helping to maintain the fleet. Typical maintenance tasks will be:

  • Checking, tightening, greasing, replacing parts such as wheels, rails, bolts, stretchers, etc
  • Repairs to the hull
  • Sorting out spares


Thank you for agreeing to help with our boat maintenance
Please fill out your details, select the date(s) you are available and then click Send
This information will be sent to our Maintenance Officer at “brokenboat” who will contact you and advise you of any further details.

    Volunteer for boat maintenance

    If possible, please bring some basic maintenance tools with you
    • 10mm and 11mm spanners
    • adjustable spanner and/or pliers
    • and a Phillips head screwdriver.

    Please prove you are human by selecting the Car.