Winter Program

Do you have a passion for rowing?
Do you want to prepare for next season and make your boat go faster?
We welcome you at Torrens Rowing Club!

winter-oarsDo you have a
passion for rowing?

winter-speedDo you want to prepare for next season and make your boat go faster?

winter-thumbs-upWe welcome you at Torrens Rowing Club!

Having had some well deserved rest aftor HOR or Nationals, get back into rowing with our
Winter Program which will be running from 9 May to 17 September.

Row in different boat types, from singles to pairs, quads and eights.
We combine rowing, ergs, weights and yoga sessions with other fun activities.

We won’t just teach you how to sweep or scull:

We’ll show you how to make a boat move!

Enjoy rowing over winter
Develop your rowing skills in single and pair boats
Row with rowers from other schools and make new friends
Improve your posture during our weekly yoga session

Monday Morning Rowing West Lakes
Tuesday Afternoon Weights/Ergs Torrens
Wednesday Morning Rowing West Lakes
Thursday Afternoon Yoga Torrens
Friday* Afternoon Rowing Torrens + BBQ
*Friday sessions held every fortnight

The Program

You are welcome and encouraged to join all sessions, but it is not compulsory.

We also will not train during school holidays.

The total fee will for $250.00 for the whole program (coxswains see below).

Enter early as places are limited!


From May to September, we will host a monthly coxing workshop for up to 10 coxswains. Coxing is much more than just making the boat go straight: you are the coach’s voice in the boat and your crew needs to trust you blindly.

The coxswains will be involved in the rowing sessions and during the workshops we will analyse your coxing and discuss things you can do to make your crew go faster next season.

The fee for coxswains is $100.00, including a zootie.

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